It is your gateway to achieving

Financial Freedom

How does it help

Get a visibility of your financial life

We make everything simple and streamlined. Sign up takes less than five minutes. Have CureMyFinances pull in all your financial information into one place to give you complete visibility of your financial life. Stay on top of your finances. See what’s happening with all your investments.


View your portfolio reports

Sit back and relax. With clear and concise reporting you can find out if you are beating the market – or it is beating you. You can get on top of your finances in a snap.

Know your risk appetite

Take the questionnaire to understand your risk quotient. From there on, we do the rest.

Plan your income tax

Find out if you are saving enough towards your 80C investments. Follow our recommendations or create your own to make your portfolio tax efficient.

Analyse your insurance needs

CMF takes into account your unique situation to recommend the right insurance cover. We will suggest the insurance policy that best suits you

Define your goals

Whether you want to save for your child’s future, save for your dream home or save for your retirement, CMF helps you define your goals. Set a target for your goal, set a timeline and link your goal to specific accounts so it’s easy to stick to your plan.

Track your goals and achieve them

  • See how you’re doing

  • Check how close you are to your goal

  • Learn how to reach your goals faster with free advice and customized next steps.

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